Articles on calendars, language, magic, and lineage can be found here.

The Arcane

Magic - Information on magic and the Mana Pool of Auryane.


Rulers - Information on the kings and queens of Nierma.

Wars and Conflicts - Information on all major conflicts.

Heroes - The Hero's Lineage.


Elvish - The language of most Elven cultures.

Dwarvish - The language of all Dwarven colonies.

Gnomish - The language of the sea-faring Gnomes.

Omughan - On the language of Demons.

Hulvarik - On the language of Dragons.

Cyfyrie - The language of the Frogmen of Blackfoam.

The Hunter's Speak - On the strange language of Theseus Goldarrow and many other Rangers.

The Hisstongue - The language of the Reptals.


Calendar - The Nierman Calendar, including the days, months, and years.

Disease - A list of known diseases that plague Nierma.

Transportation - A list of known forms of transportation across Nierma.